Progress So Far

Aonach Mhor Uphill Race. So titled because it goes uphill. I know this, but I forgot……


Spook nipped up there in just over half an hour. He was chasing his brother which does lend wings to his feet.


Meanwhile, way down the hill, there was an older woman who seemed confused and had mistakenly put a number on her jumper. She was using a dog as some sort of tool.


Thankfully, she appeared to have her Carer with her.

Earlier on, in the woods, she was photo’d clinging to a tree - it did not bode well….


She made it up in just under the hour and the emergency services were able to come off Stand-by.


Thanks to John O’Neill for his photos and the great effort he always puts into recording each event.

The good news is that I have completed 14.71 miles since the 1st of January - some of which I have even run!! What a difference to mood and energy levels, just having to step out the door because of my challenge. Not everyone needs to be pushed in this way, but I clearly do. Tonight, when I came home from work, Spook informed me that my run would take me up to Steall, where he’d been yesterday and seen that a party had bought, and left, sleeping bags/mats/tent etc and that we would go in and clear it up. So despite really wanting to have a cup of tea and read my book, I knew I had my miles to do and I do like a sense of purpose. 10 minutes into my jog, my spirits lifted and I could hear the strains of The Gael inside my head and I had become the Last Mohican…… (if you really want to hear inside my head you have to stick this in your browser)

We met a young English couple coming into the Gorge from Steall, carrying all the rubbish, having gathered it all up in disgust. Good on them - this allowed us to continue on a bit further, up to Old Steall, where Angus Grant, The Left Handed Fiddler lived as a wee boy.


The season has seen our daughter in bright sunshine on the other side of the world,


but we have soldiered on, making the best of it. We partook of a High Tea of mince pies and brandy butter out at Rhu, near Arisaig, on Christmas Eve with Running Girl and Climbing Kev, who were camping. We were home by 7.30 after an amazing show of stars and The Milky Way, and a moonlit journey home. I’m not sure how long Spook thought we were staying and I was puzzled by what he had taken with him…….


Honest to goodness Spook - when did you think you were going to get time to read all those???? That’s the mince pies heating up on the stove. He’d just unpacked, when it was time to pack up again - he’s a funny one, that Spook!!

We went back out to Arisaig to party the night away with Shooglenifty in the village hall on the 29th and had morning coffee at Traigh shore.


The flow of whisky seems to be easing off a little now as The Season comes to an end, and the year begins. It’s been a promising start……..

A Wee Roundup

On the last day of the year, I’ve given myself a good talking to. Over the last 12 months there has been a dearth of running , adventures, and energy. No reason other than allowing myself to wallow. The biggest revelation as far as my husband is concerned, is that I still take a dip in the sea, early on a Monday morning. For this, I blame Running Girl. I go only for her protection - I worry that she may get picked up by the police, lurking in the bushes at an early hour…….


I mean, it all started quite normal.


Last January went well by running 100 miles over that month. I next ran in April - once. Then once in May. I intend to do 100 miles in January this year but might have to walk the first 50 to build up a bit of stamina. I went out on the bike a couple of times and Curly invited me to a musical afternoon across the loch. I took the bike and she took the Dodgem….


Social isolation seemed to suit my mood this year, but I did step out now and then to be reminded that girl company is the best….


And after a long and cold winter…..


sunshine can bring beloved friends from the deep south…….


Eastie Bestie persuaded me that a trip to Carol Doolittle in Glen Tilt, would do me good - which it did.


Inspired by Carol’s Dollittle approach to the countryside, I wanted to prove myself worthy by rounding up the goats and showing them who’s boss.


A powerful stance will totally intimidate them…….


Although it wouldn’t matter what stance you took, Dennis the Goat is not intimidated by anyone.


Carol Dolittle is great mates with Mr Brown the donkey and is confident she can persuade him to carry the gin out to a bothy night in the spring. I’ll be back for that, if Dennis doesn’t run me out the glen.

Friends and family are always important and worth making the effort for.


We couldn’t have been more impressed and proud of the dedication that got her here.


And getting the neighbours over to watch a film was always worth the effort though melting their wedding ‘his and her’ blankets on the stove was careless of me and I’ve said I’m sorry - more than once.


Where would we be if European friends couldn’t come and work here? Well, the least of it would be not getting orange soup, that’s for sure, and we’ll soon find out how much worse it will become.


We live in an amazing country, where Granny’s rock. There is no excuse for not getting out and making so much more of it. No more excuses. 100 mile January starts tomorrow.

Happy, more active New Year. It’s worth the effort.