P p p picking up treasure.

One moment day dreaming about the romantic life of the Hermit and the next in flight from an imagined unhinged one - the irony wasn't lost on me - once I'd had time to reflect.  Whenever I wander along a shoreline, I do usually end up quoting my favourite fictional Hermit "there's plenty of work left in this beach, yet."  (loose quote from memory.)



Less than 10 miles from my house lies Loch Arkaig which stretches towards the west and legend has it that it was part of the route taken by the Jacobites as they fled Culloden with Prince Charlie.  The Jacobite Gold was abandoned somewhere along here as presumably it was weighing them down.  No doubt someone came back and got it, but there might be a wee bit treasure lurking in the undergrowth still.



There are still signs of the old road, in particular, near the 'new' road which is so close to the loch it floods in heavy rain, but that leaves the old road undisturbed in places and maybe that means there's a better chance the treasure lies undisturbed.  However, it was a different kind of treasure I was looking for.  The perfect piece of driftwood that would finally inspire me to know exactly what I want to do with the growing pile I've got at home.



But most of the wood I found was still attached to the trees, so that was that.  



As beautiful as the day was, it's still too early in the year for hanging out the washing.



No suitable driftwood, but the loch is a treasure in itself.



Plenty of wildlife close by.



Loch Lochy from Achnacarry.


To celebrate the last 2 miles of January's 100 mile Challenge, I did a fast march down to Caol shore.  I must have walked at least 20 of my miles, but anything that gets you out of the door in January no matter what the weather is doing, has been a really good thing.  I'm fitter and happier than I would have been without the challenge and by not running all the miles, my creaky knees are slightly less creaky.   So thanks for the challenge yet again, Curly.



After a stormy high tide, there was a lot of work to be done.  Fulton Mackay would have been very happy.



So much treasure!

When you live in Lochaber, you're rarely far from a loch.  The Monday morning dip in Loch Linnhe (the loch above) has continued unabated.  -7 temperatures out of the water make the loch seem almost warm.  But mild temperatures that melt the snow make the water so damned cold it attracts penguins.



It's a very long drive from Antartica.